We Aren't All Apples

We Aren’t All Apples…


By Administrator,  March 22, 2021


In Jacob Shamsian’s 2018 article published in the Insider 22 people and movies that completely don’t deserve their Oscar wins – sorry I have found a soul mate.  While I can’t say I agree with every critique he provides he pinpoints the main reason SASS Awards was created.  It is not right that amazing performances are passed up for major awards just because someone else was “overdue” to receive that award.  I would expect the professionals working in acting to recognize good work when it happens, not have to look back years later to say “Oh, yea I guess that was pretty good”.  I appreciate that I may not know what is ahead of its time, but those giving the big awards should.

By definition the major movie and TV awards are designed to reward one person or show at the expense of all the others.  This requires that you deem one group better than ALL the rest…which is not only unlikely, but not fair.  They aren’t all apples.  Different genres require different skills.  Writing, directing, editing, cinematography, and more affect how a performance is depicted on the screen.  Not to mention the popularity contest component.  The campaigns for award votes skews the winner away from the performance toward who has the most influence at the time. 

Not everyone can act and only a few can act very well, but there is definitely more than one each year.  Each exceptional performance should be recognized and celebrated.  Doing so will educate the world on how amazing so many people are at this craft.  People of all sorts, all shapes, all sizes, all colors, all languages...  Film can bring people together if we let it, but that starts with recognizing that celebrating the best of us requires that we include everyone, not just the popular kids.



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