SASS Award - Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron - SASS Awards as of August 2020

Selecting best performances is hard when they do not always coincide with great (or even good movies). Theron is an actress who continues to put out amazing performances and has increasingly good reach across genres.  The votes for Sass Awards stand as follows as of August, 2020.

Monster – 100%

There are a lot of options for this category wonder when the 100% winner will have some competition. However, this is my pick so until more votes come in, I will stay happy with 100%. 

Mad Max Fury Road – 100%

There are a few other options that could take this category, but a one-armed road warrior is hard to beat.  I’m on board with this vote. 

Best Overall
Monster – 100%

Ooooh, this is another hard one.  Most best of lists are conflicted about how to rank her best movie, but again, since this is not the overall movie and focused solely on her performance, I am going to stick with Monster.

Comfort Food 
Sweet November – 50%

The Cider House Rules – 50%

Awww, so hard to choose.  I think just because her role is larger in Sweet November so we get to watch her go through her process I will send my vote that way.

Looks Hot
The Italian Job – 50%

Mad Max Fury Road – 50%

Mad Max, no contest for me.

Train Wreck
Mighty Joe Young – 100%

Can’t deny there are a few choices for this category as well, but I just couldn’t get this one to flow.



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