Single Winners Are Arbitrary

Single winners are arbitrary

At this year’s Critics Choice Awards, Cate Blanchette recognized that winning an award for best actress was “extremely arbitrary considering how many extraordinary performances there have been”.  She suggested changing the “whole F-ing structure”.  Watch her full speech here

This is what SASSAwards is all about.

The idea that there are many great performances out at any one time is exactly why SASSAwards was created.  It is not about who is better than who, it is about recognizing the work that is being produced from everyone.  Just because Cate Blanchett put out another great performances shouldn’t mean that other actresses can’t be recognized for their own great performance.  SASSAwards is about encouraging everyone to do the best they can with what they have and then celebrate the outcome.

Everyone has good work in them, SASSAwards wants everyone to be recognized for doing their best work.

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