Sass Award - Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr. - SASS Awards as of August 2020

Some actor/actress' are easy to select Sass Awards for because either they have clear winners or they don't have a very large filmography so it is easy to remember or go back and watch the potential winners. Robert Downey Jr. however has neither of these.  Even when I broke his films into genres he has such a long list and so many of them are contenders for a best performance that it is hard to pick.  On top of all that some of his good/great performances are in movies that overall are not spectacular.  However, since this is for his performance and not the overall movie here is the current status of his SASS Awards as of this writing (August 2020).

Soloist - 50%
Chaplin - 50%
Of the dramas listed, I agree with these two choices, but would probably go with Soloist because he grew in between those two films into a more mature actor.

Best Overall Performance
Sherlock Holmes - 50%
Soloist - 50%
I can't deny I love Sherlock Holmes, but for his best performance, I am again going with Soloist.  Sherlock Holmes shows his range of physical comedy and athleticism, but Soloist shows range of emotion.

Comfort Food
Sherlock Holmes - 50%
Iron Man - 50%
I have to agree on 50/50 here.  Love them both and can watch them over and over again.  Because I have to pick...I am going with Iron Man.

Looks Hot
Sherlock Holmes - 33%
Iron Man - 67%
Going with Sherlock Holmes here.

Train Wreck
Tropic Thunder - 50%
Gothika - 50%
Sheesh, agree with this tie too.  I will pick Tropic Thunder, just for the bad choice of makeup.

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